Letting Albany State University Be Your Guide Towards a Brighter Tomorrow – University Education

What do you look for in a college or a university? Educational amenities, extra-curricular activities, scholarships, campus, sports conveniences and a plethora of other educational aspects is what is on the educational bucket list of prospective collegians. The best part about the young generation is not only their capability of thinking, but their ability to utilize this strength.If you are looking for undergraduate courses, degrees or other final touches to your educational career, then Albany State University would be a good option for you. The state university which was established in the year 1903 is the educational lifeline for people for Atlanta and parts of Georgia as well. With a marvelous history, the campus has given some of the most illustrious sports related folks, print media barons, glamour celebrities and educationalists.What is at Offer Here in Terms of Academics?
Arts & humanities, business, science and health domains are offered at the campus. Major areas of studies include business administration, science, educational leadership (M.Ed and Ed.S), nursing, special education, English literature, health and physical education, mathematics, criminal justice, music education, public administration and even counseling. James Pendergrast Memorial Library is the local pride.With more 30 undergraduate degree courses and about half a dozen advanced degrees and diplomas, Albany State University attracts a host of students from all parts of United States.
In terms of arts and music, the bustling campus breeds talent all throughout the year. With music bands celebrating the music scene, it is but obvious that many emerging musicians have the Albany State University connection in terms of education.In terms of sports popularity, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track & field events and even cheerleading are promoted by the university. The results are here to see for everyone; many shield championships form the pride of the students of this campus. Also, Olympic champion Alice Coachman once jumped here as swiftly as she scaled the high jump scene in some of the biggest international events held during those days. U.S. News & World Report has rated the state university very highly in terms of educational courses, training programs and other aspects especially for undergraduates. Albany State University is rightly called the ‘delight of the undergraduates’ and even finds a worthy place in any local college directory and even national educational informative portals.